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24-7 Award Winning Western Swing Radio
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Swingin' West

Quebe Sisters - "Triple-threat fiddle champions - awesome harmony"

Bob Wills - "Widely acknowledged as the all-time King Of Western Swing"

Time Jumpers - "A group of studio musicians and singers comprising one of the best western swing groups of all time"

The Light Crust Doughboys - "The longest running band in the history of recorded music"

The Brazos Valley Boys - "Voted best western swing band several times during the 1950's"

Cindy Cashdollar - "Five-time grammy winner, steel player, recording artist, Texas Music Hall of Fame"

Herb Remington - "Outstanding steel guitar stylist. Upon being discharged from the military he was hired on-the-spot by Bob Wills"

George Strait - "Recorded more than 30 albums and 400+ songs, smooth singer with a fine band"

Tiffany Transcriptions - "The Tiffany Transcriptions Story/Bob Wills"

Western Swing Authority - "Canada's great western swing band"

Ernest Tubb and Record Shops - "Opry member since the 1940's. Hall of Fame. Recorded over 30 albums and 400 songs. He and his Texas Troubadour bands are legendary."

Ernest Tubb : Biography & History

Western Swing Monthly - "Schedule of western swing music events and more"

Merle Haggard - "Terrific writer, performer and musician who taught himself to play fiddle and developed a genuine western swing sound - a legend"

Western Swing Society - "Preserving and promoting the American art form known as western swing music"

Willie Nelson - "Great writer, performer-singer-musician-stylist beginning in the 1950's....unique voice phrasing"

Western Swing Music Society of The Southwest - "Promoting genuine western swing music"

Jango Music - Internet radio whereas all artists can receive airplay for their material

Red Steagall - Known For His Wonderful Texas Swing dance music

Asleep At The Wheel - Hard Driving Band. Unique Swing Music.

Jason Roberts - Great Entertainer and Fiddler. Delightful Western Swing Sound

Hank Thompson - Pioneer of Honky Tonk Swing. Over 30 top 10 Hits. His Brazos Valley Boys was voted best Western Swing Band several times.

Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies - Father of Western Swing

WXRL 1300 AM - Playing Real Country Classics over 40 Years

Western Caravan's Cyberhome! - The Western Caravan New York's Premier Western Swing and Honky Tonk Orchestra

Texas Steel Guitar Association - A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting steel guitar music, performances and education in Texas, United States and the World. Biggest event is annually in March.

Grand Ole Opry - Legendary Country Music Stage and Concert Hall. Longest running country music show of all time.

WSM 650 Radio - The most famed country music station in the world. 24-7 programming. Home of the Grand Ole Opry.

Sportsmen's Tavern - Opening in 1985, Sportsmen's transformed itself from a neighborhood tavern into one of the best live music venues in the United States. Fantastic Bands/Shows 7 days a week.

Ray Price - Biography

Country Music Hall Of Fame - Inductees list

Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame - Inductees list

Western Swing Calendar - Annual Calendar of Western Swing Events

Northwest Western Swing Music Society - Formed in 1983 by musicians and enthusiasts to preserve, promote and perform western swing music

Cowboy Society of Western Swing Music - Honoring persons, venues, publications and preserving this genre

Boys Of Summer - Western New York's Premier Hall Of Fame Band

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